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Thin Pens

Studio Inko started from doodles on paper placemats in restaurants and tiny sketches in ballpoint pen on my pencil case. 

From stray post-its to sheets of printer paper (I'm sorry Mom and Dad for the pounds of printer paper that never made it into the printer) to the margins of my math class notes. Every blank space I could find, I would fill with pictures of little hamburgers, tiny trees no more than an inch tall, cats whose tails were slightly lopsided and truncated due to running out of room. Even today, while creating my art on canvases and in drawing pads, I still find myself doodling a tree or two on those paper placemats while waiting for my lunch order.

Starting my own little stationery/art print shop has always been something I've dreamed of doing, but never felt that I could do since I had no idea where I should begin. I still didn't know where to begin earlier this year, but decided to just take a leap of faith and get started.


My goal with Studio Inko is to create art that sparks happiness, both for the people who see it and for me making it. A card you’d send to your best friend on their birthday, an art print that you’d hang up in your first apartment. I could not be more excited to finally share what I’ve been working on for so long.


Thank you endlessly for your support!

I hope you enjoy what I’ve so enjoyed making.

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