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All of our boards are crafted of wood that is carefully hand selected, cut, smoothed, and finished with a mineral oil and beeswax before inlaying the raw brass logo. Please review the board care instructions to make sure your board lasts for years to come. We hope you enjoy what we've so enjoyed creating!


General Overview:


Wood is an organic material that changes through time and use. It can become dry and cracked if not maintained correctly. To ensure that your board lasts for years and retains its original beauty, it is important to clean your board after each use. We also highly recommend oiling your board once a month with a food-safe mineral oil to give it a rejuvenating finish to to protect the wood from any damage. You can purchase a basic food-safe mineral oil at any hardware store or online. We have linked our recommended mineral oil here.

Cleaning Your Board:

Brush off crumbs and food scraps and lightly rub the surface with a soft soapy sponge. Remove soap with a damp towel and then immediately pat dry with a clean, dry towel. Do not soak your board or clean it in a dishwasher. If the wood grain swells or becomes bumpy, just lightly sand with a high-grit sandpaper (400 or more) and apply mineral oil after.

Applying Mineral Oil:

Using a food-safe mineral oil, coat your board with a thin layer of oil with a paper towel or clean rag. Allow 30 minutes to soak. If the oil has disappeared after 30 minutes, apply another coat. Repeat this process until you see a small amount of oil remaining on the surface of the board following the 30-minute waiting period. Remove excess oil with a clean, dry rag or paper towel.

Flip board and repeat on other side if desired.


Our coasters are coated in a durable non-toxic polyurethane finish. If your coasters become dirty or dusty, gently wipe clean with a dry rag. Do not wash coasters or stand or soak them in water.


Our lamps vary in the finish used, from an oil-based finish to a water-based polyurethane. For either finish, gently wipe clean with a dry rag. Do not wash or soak in water.

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