In a world full of large-scale companies with production lines that churn out millions of uniform, perfect items each minute by machines, it's becoming increasingly rare to find items that have been crafted by hand by someone who truly enjoys the process of creating.

Studio Inko began as a print and stationery shop on Etsy in 2020, where I sold greeting cards and prints of my original paintings and pen drawings. I would sit down in my backyard after my day job and sketch into the night. It was from these late nights of drawing and painting, that I realized that I could also use my passion of other crafts - such as woodworking - to make pieces that I could share on my shop. From here, Studio Inko Woodshop was born and I started crafting cutting + serving boards from maple, walnut, and zebra wood that I would source locally from the lumber yards around me in Northern California. Each board I carefully select, cut, finish, and oil by hand in my at-home Mill Valley workshop. I love to work with wood because the natural grain of each piece makes each piece different from another and being able to add your own touches to that is a truly special experience.


Thank you endlessly for your support!

I hope you enjoy what I’ve so enjoyed making.

Rose T.

Founder of Studio Inko