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Rose + her father

Fall coasters 18.JPG
Toast Board Photoshoot 11.28.22 - 19.JPG

Owner + woodworker Rose Teplitz was first introduced to woodworking by her luthier father, who not only taught her the fundamentals of the craft, but built her very first workbench by hand and continues to be a mentor and guide for all things woodwork. From her father’s lessons that inspired her love of woodcraft, Rose founded Studio Inko Woodshop with the goal of using traditional woodworking techniques and the natural color and grain of solid hardwoods to create fun and unique pieces for the modern home.


All the wood used is personally hand-selected and sourced by Rose from small US-based lumberyards, the majority coming from local millworkers around the San Francisco Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest. Every item in the shop uses the natural color of the wood with no dyes or stains - from Yellowheart for the Lemon Boards to the swirling heartwood and sapwood combinations in the Claro Walnut Toaster Coasters.


Rose resides in Mill Valley, California (10 minutes away from the Golden Gate Bridge) where she does all her woodwork from her backyard workshop. When not doing woodwork (which is rare), she enjoys painting, dim sum with her friends in SF, and collecting miniature erasers/enamel pins.


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