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* Please note that each gingerbread person is crafted from unique pieces of wood so no two will be the same. The photo of this gingerbread florist is a reference photo only, actual appearance may vary. Due to the handmade nature of each florist, there may be slight variations or imperfections that we believe make each piece beautifully unique. The piece you receive may vary in wood hues, grain, and figure.


With a solid walnut body and solid maple inlaid eyes and mouth, this special edition Gingerbread Florist is perfect for flower lovers and gardeners alike! Each little tulip is made of a separate inlaid piece of solid Bloodwood, a tropical South American hardwood. The rich and vivid red hue of the wood is the naturally occurring color of Bloodwood and makes for a lovely tulip. Each of the delicate and tiny inlays are hand-glued and assembled before the whole piece is hand-finished. Each piece is finished with a beeswax mineral oil.


Choose whether you would like your Gingerbread Florist to be a magnet or ornament. If ornament is chosen, your piece will feature a brass eyelet screw with leather hanging loop.

Gingerbread Florist (Choose Ornament or Magnet)

Out of Stock
  • Approx. Dimensions: 4-1/2" Height x 4" Width x 1/2" Thickness

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