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I’m so excited to be launching the last restock of the year tomorrow (Tuesday, November 29) and hope you enjoy the available collection. I wanted to provide some details of the restock along with some important notes about the coaster sets. Please read through the below and thank you again for your support of Studio Inko Woodshop!


Subscriber Early Shop:


All subscribers will be able to shop the restock 30 minutes early on Tuesday, November 29 (11:30AM PST). A code will be sent around 10:30AM PST on the day of the restock that can be used to enter the page at 11:30AM PST. If you would like the opportunity to shop before the public, subscribe with your email at the bottom of the page!


Coaster Set Lead Times:


Due to the immense popularity of the coaster sets and the labor intensive process it takes, specifically the Toaster Coaster Loaf Sets, I have decided that all coaster preorders (will be labeled with PREORDER) placed during the restock will be shipped in the end of January/beginning of February in the new year. I had hoped to have sets that would ship in time for Christmas, but after taking time to look over my inventory and also calculating how much I could reasonably take on, I decided that this was the best way. This preorder method also gives more people the opportunity to purchase and secure a set since I know how quickly they sell out. Thank you so much for understanding, I so appreciate it!


If you were hoping to gift a set to a friend or loved one during the holidays, please let me know in the comment section of your order and I can send a card detailing that their coaster set will come in the new year and a free tote (while supplies last) to you so you can gift them something physical in the interim. Please only do this if you were hoping to gift to someone for the holidays, thank you!


Overall Restock:


There will be a limited amount of one-of-a-kind cutting + serving boards, ornaments, and lemon coasters available that will all ship out by December 15th, with the majority of the pieces shipping out within 3-5 business days after purchasing. 


Toast Boards:


Special limited edition Figured Walnut Toast Boards will be available to shop individually with varying prices depending on the rarity of the wood figure. The rest of the Toast Boards will have one listing each for Maple, Zebrawood, and Bird’s Eye Maple with the board received varying slightly in grain and appearance. There will be limited quantities of the Maple, Zebrawood, and Bird’s Eye Maple.


Thanks so much and see you tomorrow!


XX Rose


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