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IN STOCK - This item will ship out within 5-8 business days.


* Please note that each coaster is crafted from a unique pieces of Maple and Yelloheart so no two coasters or coaster sets will be the same. The photos of the coaster set are reference photos only to show the variety of wood colors, grain, and figure, actual coaster appearance will vary.


Breakfast lovers rejoice - introducing Studio Inko Woodshop's Fried Egg Coaster Set with Skillet!


Each coaster slice is carefully handcut, hand finished, and hand sealed in multiple layers of a water repellent finish - a laborious process that takes several days. The set features five "fried eggs" crafted from curly maple with hand-inlaid solid Yellowheart "yolks." Since each egg is handmade, every fried egg shape will be unique and one-of-a-kind. A small iron-cast skillet is included as well to store your fried egg coasters. You can even use this iron-cast skillet to cook real eggs! The perfect set to use for breakfast, brunch, or even lunch - wherever fried egg coasters would come in handy.


What is included:

- (5) Solid Maple Fried Egg Coaster Set 

- (1) Iron-Cast Skillet (can be used for real cooking)

Fried Egg Coaster Set in Skillet

  • Approx. Coaster Slice Dimensions: 4" L x 4" W x 1/2" Thickness

    Approx. Skillet Dimensions: 9" L x 5" W x 3/4" Tall

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