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MADE-TO-ORDER ITEM - This special, limited-edition item is made-to-order and will ship out the first to second week of July. Please note that due to these magnets being a special edition item, this item is final sale and non-returnable.


* Please note that each magnet is crafted from unique pieces of wood so no two magnets will be the same. The photo of these magnets are reference photos only, actual appearance will vary. Due to the handmade nature of each magnet, there may be slight variations or imperfections that we believe make each piece beautifully unique. The magnet set you receive may vary in wood hues, grain, and figure.


Introducing a brand new collection never seen before at Studio Inko Woodshop - the Dim Sum Magnet Set! Pick a set of 5 in any combination of the following options to create your own personal dim sum sampler: a dumpling, a bao steamer basket, a chicken foot, a tea cup, or an egg tart!


Crafted out of solid woods ranging from Walnut to Maple to Bloodwood featuring inlays of exotic hardwoods like Yellowheart,  these magnet-sized versions feature some of your favorite dim sum dishes! Each magnet is hand-finished, with some magnets featuring delicate and tiny solid wood inlays that are hand-fit into their recesses. The perfect delicious addition for your fridge or anywhere magnetic that could use some dim sum fun!


All magnets are crafted out of nautral hardwoods with no dyes or stains and are finished with mineral oil and beeswax.


Magnet Options:

- Dumpling

- Bao Steamer Basket

- Chicken Foot

- Tea Cup

- Egg Tart


* Due to being part of this limited-edition Dim Sum Collection, this item is final sale and non-refundable. Of course, if you have any issues with your order, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Choose Your Dim Sum Magnet Set

  • Approximate Dimensions:

    - Dumpling: 2-3/4" Diameter x 1/2" Thickness

    - Tea Cup: 2-3/4" Width x 2-1/4" Height x 1/2" Thickness

    - Chicken Foot: 3-1/2" Length x 2-12" Height x 1/2" Thickness

    - Bao Steamer Basket: 3" Width x 2-1/2" Height x 1/2" Thickness

    - Egg Tart: 3-1/2" Width x 2-1/2" Height x 1/2" Thickness

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